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22 Jan 2018
The Final Touch
Brides do not want to lug around that big heavy bags on their wedding day...
24 Nov 2017
Bridal Hairstyles Ideas
If you are in need of inspiration for your wedding hairstyles, read on to find out more! We have the style for you.
27 Oct 2017
Here’s come the bride!
The bride is the centre of attention on their special day, she will want to feel and look incredible. Therefore choosing a a stunning evening gown at the wedding banquet is the aspiration of every bride.
05 May 2017
The Dream Wedding Dresses
A marriage is a life event, but before a happy marriage, a woman is often confused when it is time to choose a wedding dress. Here are some tips from local designers Carven Ong, Beatrice Looi and Celest Thoi.
07 Apr 2017
The Wedding Dresses in Movies
There is nothing more romantic than a touching wedding scene in a romantic movie.
23 Jan 2017
The North Coast of Taiwan
One of CNN’s Selection of the World’s Best Attractions