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28 Sep 2017
You Deserve to Live Your Dream Wedding
Time Machine Event is a company that focuses on Customised Decor, Event Design and Styling based in JB founded in 2014. With a bunch of dynamic, creative and enthusiastic team who are love all things pretty and believe that every little detail matters.
02 Jun 2017
real wedding
Wedding Album Joe & Mia
After 4 years of dating, Joe and Mia finally decided to settle down to create a happy family of their own.
05 May 2017
The Dream Wedding Dresses
A marriage is a life event, but before a happy marriage, a woman is often confused when it is time to choose a wedding dress. Here are some tips from local designers Carven Ong, Beatrice Looi and Celest Thoi.
07 Apr 2017
The Wedding Dresses in Movies
There is nothing more romantic than a touching wedding scene in a romantic movie.
04 Mar 2017
real wedding
A Budding Love
When two souls from two different countries meet and fall in love, it can only be destiny.
06 Feb 2017
Interesting Ideas on How to Get Extra Photographers on Your Wedding Day
Every wedding needs an official photographer. But no bride will say ‘No’ to additional and absolutely ‘free’ photographers to help her create lasting memories of her special day!